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Establish a Study Plan


Great achievements don't occure randomly. Likewise, the most important step to success in academics is to have a definitive goal in mind and an executable plan on how to achieve that goal. As a teacher, I look to clearly define the objectives of any lesson, and create a plan to accomplish those objectives. With a clear study goal, and a step-by-step process by which to achieve it, success and improvement become both achievable and measurable.

Individualize the Experience
Integrate the Core Skills
My Philosophy on Education...

No student follows the same path to learning. As a result, it is my role as a teacher to personalize lessons that best fit my student’s needs, while giving them the support necessary to improve. I start by building a teacher-student relationship that allows me to better understand a student’s educational requirements. From here, I tailor lessons and material around their needs, taking into consideration the student’s individual goals, learning styles and preferences.

Nobody learns a language one skill at a time. I firmly base all my lessons on the proven concept that the core skills must be learned in unison. A focus on integration allows my students to strengthen their reading, writing, listening and speaking simultaneously, just as a native speaker does. Support skills such as pronunciation and grammar are interwoven consistantly within lessons. This limits the formation of flaws and promotes comprehensive fluency.